Apartments Better Than Hotels

Mostly people look for a mid-range accommodation for their vacation, and the hotel is a prime choice. On the other hand, do you know serviced apartments are the best alternative to it, not just because of the pricing but better comfort & amenities. A serviced apartment is a lodging that is fully furnished and endeavour the comfort and privacy of the home; it runs just like the hotel with the proper assistance of housekeeping staff that serves the guest with great convenience.

Let us bring across the top reasons why to opt for Serviced apartments instead of choosing a Hotel:

More Space

It is one of the advantages as the serviced apartment comes with the separate space of living and dining area. Also, if you are choosing an executive/premier, it will amplify your living experience with more luxurious facilities. Nonetheless, if you are on a business trip, you can look out to invite your friend to chill out for some time.


The stay in serviced apartment is quite economical as compared to the hotels. Not just that it also cut down your expenses as it gives you the liberty to self-serve or cooks food in the kitchen and save the spending.


It is one of the most vital things that one wish to have for the holiday. Service apartments give lots of advantages over the hotels in respect of flexibility. For eg., it provides you with the added facilities of a bathroom with a washing machine which would be of great while you are travelling with kids, a well-equipped kitchen that is great to have as you can cook anything you want at any time of the day. And above that, if you are going to a city where your friends reside you can enjoy the liberty to invite them to a dinner/party. Such kind of liveliness isn’t that flexible at the hotel.


Significant disadvantages of opting a hotel is that they are located in the hushed part of the city, i.e., close to the business centres or the site that is full of the surge. On the other hand, the serviced apartment are located nearby the city’s prime landmarks that are away from the hustle.  Also being in serviced apartment you won’t feel detached of being at a tourist place because it will be attached to the proper neighbourhood.

Convenience for Family & Group Travel

In hotels, there is a restriction for the people sharing a single room however while you book a serviced apartment you have the luxury of staying together under a single roof with separate room for everyone. So, a couple travelling with kids or other couples can have their privacy equally.

Pets Accommodation

In hotels one is not allowed to keep pets however in serviced apartment you can stay together with your pets with zero restricts.

Therefore, we recommend you to book a serviced apartment for your happy holidays and endeavour to enjoy a fantastic time in a new city.