Benefits of staying in Serviced Apartments

When people want to go on vacation, most of the time they think that renting a hotel room is the only option they have. But this is not true. More people are choosing today to stay in serviced apartments for a lot of reasons. These apartments don’t have to be rented only if you are staying for a long period in Delhi. You can easily rent a serviced apartment for a couple of days and even longer for weekly/monthly stays, there are a lot of options to choose from. So what are the benefits of staying in serviced apartments? In this article we highlight a few:

More space:
A serviced apartment is definitely bigger than a hotel room, unless you are booking a royal suite and you are Beyoncé. In that case maybe your hotel accommodation would be more spacious but if you are like the rest of us then you would probably find that you can rent a serviced apartment that is so much bigger than a hotel room.

Cost effective:
In order to get a hotel room that is as big your serviced apartment, you would probably spend a fortune. Most of these apartments are cheaper and also have separate kitchens. You can use this kitchen to cook your meals instead of buying food every single day which can be a great cost on your trip or might force you to choose some unhealthy options. At a hotel room, you can definitely have your room service any time of the day or night but you must get your credit card ready because such service comes with a great price. If you decide to raid the mini bar you will also find a bill waiting for you at the end of your stay. But when you have your own kitchen you can prepare your own food according to your specific needs. Renting a serviced apartment is more useful especially if you have food at times that are different from the locals or if you have children who eat at different times.

More convenient for groups and families:
Hotels have strict policies regarding the number of people allowed into different rooms and the maximum number of adults and children to be present in one room. Most of the time they can offer a sofa bed that doesn’t accommodate a child and they sell it as a bed that is big enough for an adult. But usually things are easier when you choose a serviced apartment. They do have limits to the number of people staying but most of the time they are more flexible than hotels and the cost can be split among a bigger number of people.

Privacy and freedom:
When you are renting a serviced apartment, you get the chance to experience the freedom of your stay without the fear of disturbing anyone else. You can have guests without letting anyone know and you will not have a call from the reception every now and then in case you decided to sleep in.

Most serviced apartments will be in buildings that have security or someone who is there to help you around the clock. You can also ask for directions or tips and they will be happy to offer you this.

Unlike hotel rooms, your serviced apartment can be prepared the way you wish it to be. You can choose to include or exclude the laundry service or choose the frequency of housekeeping. This means that you control how your stay goes and what happens while you are in or outside. When you are staying at a hotel you usually get the house keeping call in the morning and sometimes even in the evening. You must make sure that your valuables are stored in a secure place and that no one has access to them. But when you rent a serviced apartment you can make sure that nobody will get into the place unless you want them to. As for laundry services, the hotel can provide them every day but they are usually very expensive. When you rent a serviced apartment, you might decide to do the laundry yourself.

It still feels like a hotel:
Many serviced apartments will still feel like a hotel because you can get access to meeting rooms, a gym and a pool. Except that they are more customized and more comfortable. You will have a concierge service, a parking service and the option to fill in the cupboards with whatever you want before your arrival. It is a great option for accommodation that many people should consider.

So whenever you are next in town, please do give us a shout and we will be happy to show you our range of serviced accommodations across prime areas of Delhi & Gurgaon. We guarantee that you will never again want to stay in a Hotel in Delhi for your future visits!