Service Apartments near MAX Hospital Saket – With a view to cater the global Medical Tourists coming to MAX Hospital in Saket for various medical treatments, we have setup a host of accommodation options in the vicinity of the hospital.

Among our various places to stay near MAX Hospital Saket include Fully Furnished Room in Saket, Bed and Breakfast Saket, Hotel near MAX Hospital Saket and Service Apartments near MAX Hospital Saket.

However, our most popular properties near the MAX Hospital are Serviced Apartments. A Serviced Apartment in Saket near MAX Hospital will have a bedroom with living room and a kitchen where Medical guests or their family can cook their own meals depending upon their doctor’s advise.

They are increasing being sought by medical tourists as compared to hotels in Saket. This is because in a hotel –

* You don’t get enough space
* Miss out on home cooked food
* All rooms look the same
* No internet service or poor Internet connection
* Not a Family-friendly Accommodation
* No real Privacy

For these reasons, Medical Tourists to Delhi and even regular corporate travellers to Saket, who were otherwise booking budget hotels in Saket or 3 star business hotels in Saket / south delhi, are now booking rental serviced apartments.

Still have doubts for choosing a serviced apartment over hotel in Saket? Give us a call and we will be happy to assist.