‘Service Apartment’ a modern day concept of accommodation has won hearts of many. It is evident from the fact that people want to have an extended stay where they can live away from the hustle of workplace and tensions of the environment around.  People prefer coming to Olive Service Apartments in Delhi to make their holidays memorable. These days, the sole purpose of individuals is not to visit places and monuments but to have a relaxing holiday, where they can live and enjoy in their way. The thinking has changed the concept of accommodation and has brought service apartments as a new concept.

Inefficient services at other Accommodations

A question arises, that what was the need of developing this concept? The newer concept develops only when people need something different and more satisfying. Deluxe or luxury hotels were preferred by the travellers a few years back. But, they have to stay according to the norms and regulations of the hotels being confined in a room. The service apartments have an entirely different concept that enables you to live in your way. In Delhi, Olive service apartments offer you fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, king-sized bedrooms and attached bathrooms. Are these facilities available in hotels? The answer is ‘impossible’. It has thus encouraged people to choose serviced apartments more than any other hotel.

It has been noticed that Olive Service Apartments are available offering the best services as compared to other service apartments as people repeatedly come for staying here and goes back with the utmost satisfaction

Efficient services at Olive


Olive is on the mouth of every traveller who frequently visits Delhi and have experienced the services of apartments in Delhi. Facilities like flat screen television,  Tata sky,  free wi-fi, curtained rooms and a spacious living room is sufficient to refresh your mind.  However, that is not enough, the guest are also provided with a fully equipped kitchen , where they can prepare meals of their choice. The kitchen is provided with toaster, gas stove, microwave, utensils and other things that are of great utility to you.


The staff at the Olive Service Apartments are experienced, qualified and skilled. They know how to take care of guests. The people at reception to the housekeeping, everybody caters to the need of guests quite dedicatedly. Their availability for 24*7 for the guests is the USP of the service apartment.


Location is the biggest factor that attracts the maximum customers to stay in a particular accommodation. The accessibility of studio apartment in delhi  to other important places of Delhi is relatively easier as it is located in Kailash Colony, which is the heart of Delhi.  

The service Apartments in Delhi are the best accommodation if somebody wants to have an enjoyable stay without any interruption in their privacy.