For those who stay in Leased homes or are selling their existing homes, house moving can be quite a time-consuming, stressful and expensive exercise. One has to ensure a delicate balance between the moving out process of the existing apartment or flat where they need to make sure it is left in a clean and usable state showing only natural wear n tear, before moving to the new property. All this needs to be done keeping in mind the actual date of vacating the property as no one appreciates any overstay. However, there may be a case where the new place is not ready for you to stay on your move-in date!
The normal solution to this unavoidable scenario is to book a hotel for this period. Now that can be an expensive proposition, besides considering the fact that hotels rooms are not very big, so you may invariably fall short of having a comfortable space to relax for the longish stay and not have any option to cook your food as well. You can either grin and bear this hotel stay or be smart and move into a Serviced Apartment instead. These short-term rental apartments have considerable advantages when compared to hotels for stays of a week to a month, below are just some of these obvious advantages –
Rental Serviced Apartments in Delhi

Cost Comparison

If you are purely comparing costs of staying in Hotels & Serviced Apartments, there is only one winner – the value for money proposition of Serviced Apartments is just not available with traditional hotels. Ideally, a hotel is designed for stays of one to three days after which it tends to start burning a hole in your pocket unless you are incredibly well heeled. This is because the vast majorities of Hotel guests stay there for a couple of nights or over a weekend getaway, and thus justify the Hotel’s rate high daily pricing policy. However, it is just not feasible if you are looking for an interim accommodation stretching across weekly, fortnightly or monthly duration.

The Serviced Apartments in Delhi, such as those from OLIVE Serviced Apartments, tend to offer much more value for money with special discounted rentals for Weekly & Monthly stays. You also tend to save on extra costs associated with Hotels like Food & Laundry thus reducing your outflow even further. Consequently, they are increasing being preferred by a myriad of guests across business travelers and holiday makers, not to mention those who are in middle of moving homes.
Kitchen in Serviced Apartments

The Foodie Comparison
We all know that one can save a good amount of money if they cook their own food instead of eating-in or ordering from a restaurant. Now that can work if you are staying in your own home with a full Kitchen available for all your cooking but what happens when you are moving homes and staying entirely in hotels during this period? It is highly unlikely that any of these hotels will provide you the facilities of cooking your own meals, after all, if you don’t cook it then you will have to order from them and that increases their revenue. Isn’t that the whole purpose of running a hotel business, making it more profitable?

Now eating out can be fun for some time, but it does tend to get cumbersome for quite a few people including me who crave for good home-cooked food after some time. As a side note, it can also cost you an arm and a leg if you are regularly ordering the expensive hotel food across an extended time period (not if you are well-heeled again!). On the other hand, almost all the Serviced Apartments that I know come fitted with a complete kitchen space with all cooking amenities so that you can whip up your favourite meals with full freedom. So you can just eat whatever you crave for, and make a pretty neat cost saving as well.

The Extras Comparison
If the above comparisons did not completely get you sold on the Serviced Apartments concept, then allow me to throw in some extras to sweeten the deal – almost all of them usually include on-site laundry services across both self-service and paid options, home cleaning and linen changes, high-speed Wifi Internet and the latest Tata Sky TV connections. These add-on services tend to give you a feeling of home with facilities of hotels and are just perfect for those staying for an extended period.

In short, we all know that moving homes can be unsettling for most people but a lot of the pain of moving can be alleviated if one can find a comfortable serviced apartment that becomes a temporary home-away-from-home for them during this entire period.