You can save money while saving the planet!

With global warming becoming an increasingly serious threat to the environment, the hospitality industry can do its own bit to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable with their resources. With the help of advanced technology features, we can make our rental apartments & vacation homesvacation homes greener and cleaner which will also cut on our bills heavily and thereby reduce the pressure on our planet.

We at Olive Serviced Apartments are actively focused on making our accommodations in Delhi as ideal Green Homes by using a combination of energy saving and recycling processes without compromising on guest comfort. Also, with awareness being generated across various social media about the effects of climate change & global warming, we have seen that our guests also appreciate our efforts in running a less wasteful living environment.

With this in mind, we are listing down some suggestions and additions for the property and your guests which you need to follow for becoming more sustainable. This is not really a set list of rules that need to be follow rigidly. But, they are highly useful and cost efficient ways for the management and guests to make the serviced apartments more sustainable in a natural way without spoiling dream holiday of your guests.

Solar Panels 
Solar panels initially require a major undertaking and heavy investment. Though, since 2011 there is a fall in their prices up to 60% and it seems that they pay for themselves. You can save Rs 5,000-50,000 averagely every month on electricity. Moreover, every year can cut 35,180 pounds of carbon Di-oxide and minimize the carbon footprint of your home. Many governments are offering subsidies and tax benefits if you install solar power to your home.
Roof Gardens 
It is obvious that before creating a roof garden you need to have a roof. But, if you don’t have the same then you can even use other spaces to add greenery such as balconies and window sills. The best way to make your property look more attractive and appealing is to fill open space with the help of plants and flowers as they purify air and provide natural shade. This is even a perfect way of creating right impression on the guests as they enter the home.
You can help yourself and your guests in cutting down water wastage by storing it judiciously and re-using the potential water for watering plants and gardens. To start with, think about a rain storage or rain harvesting system that will simply collect and store water on your roof. You can use this water for your plants and gardens.
You only require specific, separated and clearly labeled bins. Recycling is nothing new rather it is a concept of which everyone is familiar with. But, if the instructions are written in some foreign language and the guests are not able to understand it, in that case, people can’t be blamed for throwing things away in a wrong manner. It is important that a clear guide for throwing plastics and glass is available so that waste is appropriately re-used.
It simply means working with the nature rather than opposing it. Care for our planet Earth, Care for people and give back the surplus things to the nature itself. One of the major way-out is catching and storing energy as sometimes it is available in abundance.
It is another great way out for gardeners. A compost heap helps you in getting rid of your kitchen waste easily along with supplying necessary nutrients to rest of your garden.

These measures and tips if followed diligently can help you make your hotels, guest houses, bed-n-breakfast, Vacation Rentals or Holiday properties highly sustainable and thereby help you in minimizing your operating costs. The concept of going green does not hold importance in your household matters rather it is going to be a great strategy in making businesses sustainable too as more and more customers are developing a kink towards saving the planet and thereby repel to choose products and services that harm our planet. However, one should not try to ‘Greenwash’ their property. Greenwash simply means just showing off green qualities by offering concessions in business. Customers can see the reality, if the changes come within. This is the perfect time to take this initiative as going green is great for us, our guests and our planet Earth!