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Olive Apartments - Premium Rental Serviced Apartments in Delhi for Weekly to Monthly Stays. Call +918800333977

Olive Hospitality offer private self-catered apartments that come with your own Living Room and Kitchen, providing flexibility & simplicity of a quality Hotel combined with privacy & space of your own home!

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Olive Service Apartments Delhi

Olive Serviced Apartments in Delhi – we are one of the top Hospitality Agency in Delhi providing fully loaded serviced apartments offering an unmatched combination of luxury, warmth and comforts at very affordable prices.

All Olive Serviced Properties are spread across the best areas of South Delhi ensuring convenient accessibility for both business and leisure purposes. Our personalized residences with private kitchen and living room are ideal for business travelers as well as general tourists and medical guests visiting Delhi. Whatever be your need, we will have a customized stay option available across South and Central Delhi.
We do not claim to be cheap apartments but we are definitely one of the best quality serviced apartment providers for Short Term Rentals and Long Stay Serviced Accommodations in Delhi!

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What is our USP?

If you are looking for small and dingy budget rooms, we are not the right fit for your needs. However, if you need quality, spacious and homely accommodation at decent pricing in Delhi, look no further!

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About Us –
In the recent times, the Delhi Travel and Tourism circuit has witnessed a huge demand for serviced apartments even from leisure travelers who stop by for just a couple of days to weeks. Olive Serviced Apartments has been at the forefront of this industry and are widely seen as market leaders in the short term rentals segment. Our self-catered housing units primarily cater the business travellers to Delhi and India, but we have also hosted a lot of tourists and even medical tourism guests that have experienced our unique hospitality and accommodation services.

Why should you choose our Serviced Apartments when you can go for Hotels or Guest Houses?
Quite simply because our Serviced apartments are much better than Hotels even when staying for a couple of days at Delhi!
Most Business Travellers will agree that they tend to feel isolated and even deprived of an active social life during their stays in cramped hotel rooms virtually living out of their suitcases. These Corporate Travelers are now looking at various benefits like more space, stress-free homely feel and privacy that are offered in such serviced accommodations as compared to the traditional hotels worldwide. Olive offers you flexible stay options in customized, spacious yet private residences, with professional hospitality that is judged on only two parameters – Guest Feedbacks and Repeat Stays!

Why Choose Us?

Olive Serviced Residences are located in prime residential areas of South Delhi and have public transport and markets nearby. We have transparent pricing with no hidden charges besides Special Seasonal Offers and Corporate packages for Weekly/Monthly Stays!

There are a number of reasons why an increasing number of Business Travellers and even Leisure Travellers are choosing our Olive Service Apartments in Delhi :-

* Never enough space – If you are staying for more than a week, you will usually struggle with arranging your things including luggage as all Hotels provide limited storage usually restricted to a small cupboard. You will invariably end up with living out your suitcase or making a royal mess of your room. On the other hand, our serviced apartments will offer large closets and even overhead storage for all your luggage and more.

* Missing your favorite food – Eating out is fun for a couple of days but it can be a pain if done every day for every meal. Rarely will you find a Hotel catering to your specific meal preference, unlike our rental apartments that also provide you a private kitchen where you can whip up your favourite meal or customize the existing food for your tastes.

* All rooms are the same – This is one of the most common grouse of travellers because hotels across the world generally have a similar design. The decor may change across rooms and locations, but the overall setup is pretty much the same even if you are in London or Delhi. Now compare this to our Serviced Accommodations spread across Delhi and you find that all of our fully furnished homes are designed differently with different layouts and outside views.

* Non availability of good Internet connection – Most business travellers consider high speed internet access as one of the most important criteria in their accommodation. Being wired means easy connectivity with family, friends and your work. Many Delhi hotels offer internet in their public areas that are noisy and very distracting, or charge a premium and even then their in-room Internet does not work great. All our rental apartments in Delhi have dedicated high-speed wi-fi internet connections having speeds of 2MB to 8MB.

* Entertainment options in your accommodation – Your standard hotels will all have TV sets in their rooms but rarely any additional amenities. Our Vacation Rentals in Delhi usually come with DVD players, stereo systems, home theaters and even X-Box gaming consoles that help you relax after a hard day’s work and decrease stress levels.

* Family accommodation – Those of you who have stayed in Hotels or Guest Houses in Delhi with families will admit that there is no fun in most hotels for children and even spouses. After all, there is not much one can do in a small room and the other entertainment options in a typical business hotel. Our Service Apartments offer you community living in an informal, relaxing and homely environment.

* Your Privacy – Anyone who frequents Hotels in Delhi will agree that they are far from private. From front desk executives eyeing you at all times, intrusive housekeeping staff and the general public in hotels, you will invariably face privacy issues. When you book one of our various Serviced Residences at Delhi, you can be assured that your privacy is paramount for us.

* Location – One of the most important factors while choosing an accommodation is location. We operate Service Apartments in prime areas of South Delhi like Greater Kailash, Defence Colony and Green Park, that give you best choose of locations for your specific needs, and ease of transportation options like Delhi Metro, Taxis and Buses. We also have some apartments near Delhi Airport and Railway Stations as well as leading Business Centres like Nehru Place, Okhla and Saket. For Medical Tourism in Delhi, the Olive Apartments are located nearby MAX Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Apollo Hospitals in Delhi.

Our regularly updated Blog also has lots of interesting articles on Serviced Apartments and their benefits when compared with Hotels in Delhi. If you still have doubts about choosing our serviced apartments over hotels in Delhi, just give us a call and we will be happy to remove all your concerns!